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GARLIC GRANULES are rich in bio-available Sulphur and B Group Vitamins and given on a daily basis will help support:

  • general health
  • balanced digestion
  • healthy respiraton
  • strong immune function


  • Pure food-grade dehydrated garlic granules
Herb Glossary
  • 1 x 15 ml scoop per day
  • Added to the feed on a daily basis where possible splitting the required amount between feeds given.
  • A 15ml scoop is included in the tub or bag and full instructions will be found on the packaging.  
  • Please allow at least a month for full benefits to be seen.
  • Horses & Ponies are individuals and often you may find a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use.


If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your vet immediately.  If you have any queries about using this product, or if your animal is pregnant, please contact our Helpline 0800 294 1250 (Toll-free) or email helpline@hiltonherbs.com

Garlic (Allium sativum) is known as one of the ‘plague herbs' and was one of the ingredients in ‘thieves' vinegar'.  This was a concoction used by the poor who were forced into into burying victims of the ‘Black Death' to help protect themselves from the plague!

Until the advent of Penicillin in the 1940's it was used extensively by doctors in both the first and second World Wars.

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