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ADRENAL SUPPORT is formulated to maintain and support:

  • balanced hormonal levels
  • balanced endocrine and adrenal system
  • normal kidney and urinary function
  • a healthy circulation

Adrenal Support is a fine-cut dry supplement containing herbs such as vitex agnus castus and milk thistle seed and can help support dogs to maintain a balanced endocrine system.

  • Vitex agnus castus seed
  • Milk Thistle seed
  • Golden rod herb
  • Artichoke leaf
  • Burdock root
  • Cleaver herb
  • Goats rue herb
Herb Glossary
  • Administer orally on a daily basis, dividing the required amount between two administrations for best results​
  • A 2.5 ml scoop is included in the tub and full instructions will be found on the packaging
  • Introduce slowly if your dog has not had supplements before
  • Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen
  • Dogs are individuals so often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use

If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your veterinarian immediately.  If you have any queries about using this product, or if your animal is pregnant, please contact our Helpline (Toll-free) 1 855 261 1289 or email Helpline

Burdock - Arctium lappa - is known as the 'Power Digger' of the herb world because it is so effective at helping to support the natural cleansing action of the lymphatic system. It is so effective at this that it is important to always pair up Burdock with other herbs that support the removal of waste products from the body, herbs such as cleaver, nettle, artichoke or dandelion. This could account for why Dandelion and Burdock were used to make old country wines.

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