We all love to see a well-behaved dog, listening attentively to its owner, under control, relaxed and ready to do its job.  This is what we all strive for with our dogs, an obedient, happy, healthy dog that is confident and secure in its position in the 'family pack’. Breeding can brings its own set of concerns with seasonal hormonal changes, mating, pregnancy, whelping, nursing and weaning. Unfortunately, as owners, we can inadvertently add to the stresses we place on our pets with incorrect feeding, insufficient exercise, poor or conflicting training messages, along with the stresses of showing, competition and travelling. It is no wonder that despite our best efforts our dogs may occasionally become stressed, tense and nervous or display unpredictable behaviour Our range of dried and liquid herbal mixes will help you support your pet whatever the issue.

Hilton Herbs – We'll always have the 'Natural Answer' for Calm and Confident dogs.

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