Reward Points - Terms & Conditions
  1. Reward points will only be awarded to customers who have registered and who place their order on the Hilton Herbs website
  2. Customers who use the Guest Checkout will not be awarded points.
  3. Each product has a value in points for example Freeway Gold 2.1 pint costs $51 so has a value of 51 points.
  4. When redeeming points 10 Point = $1 so to buy Freeway Gold 2.1 pint would require 510 points.
  5. Reward Points will not be awarded on Shipping value.
  6. Reward Points will also be awarded for Product Reviews at a rate of 50 points per review and please note that if you don't leave your full name we will not be able to award the points to your account!
  7. You can redeem all or some of your points when purchasing up to the total value of your order before Shipping.