Burdock – Arctium Lappa


Common names: Bardane, Beggar’s Button.

Habitat: Britain, Europe and North America. Found in fields and waysides, waste areas and around field borders.

Part used: Roots.

Actions of Burdock: Bitter, depurative, antibiotic, tissue cleanser and healer.

Burdock can be used to support arthritis, rheumatism, any skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis etc, particularly if it is chronic. Burdock is a digestive stimulant and helps to support liver function. Externally, Burdock can be used to support boils, sores or any septic condition. Burdock is the ultimate tissue cleanser, having the ability to encourage tissues to shed any accumulated toxins, making it ideal for use in chronic inflammatory or infective disorders. It is important, therefore, that when using Burdock internally it should always be given in conjunction with herbs that will encourage the removal of these waste-products from the body, such as nettle or clivers.

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