One of Hilton Herbs' most enduring and successful equine health lines: Herballs, has reached many shores around the world and has consistently remained the No. 1 horse treat for discerning owners and horses.

An all natural herbal nugget (almost worth its weight in gold) that guarantees no added sugars or molasses, making it an ideal and safe choice for 'easy keepers', Cushing's, Insulin Resistant, Lamnitic/Founder or IMS horses and ponies.

During our long history of producing these delicious 'pizza-inspired' morsels, we have developed and supplied a large fanbase, and shipped them in a variety of sizes - some even seasonally themed and now in eco-friendly packaging to fall in line with our sustainability plastic waste reduction initiative. We have also emphasized some of the key ingredients: Oregano & Mint, although they still remain true to their original recipe, additionally including garlic, alfalfa, rosemary and linseed.

2019 has seen amazing growth for our favorite nicker bait and we believe this is due to the increasingly health conscious horse owner audience, that have become our greatest fans and advocates - we thank you for all your support and 'word of mouth' influence and we're sure your horses thank you too!

Recent succes for our 'Herballs' has meant that we will only have our 1.1lb bag sizes available for the next couple of months until we can supply sustainable volume going into 2020. You can still buy our 1.1lb bags for the same cost value of the 4.4lb bag - we certainly wouldn't want you out of pocket. And to help our customers even more during this interim period, we have made our original 400g (pocket-sized) bag available, which you can buy on SUPER 3 for 2 Promo (that's 3 bags for $13!) available in the link below: