Do you know what Synephrine is?

The Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) advises that “Synephrine is a stimulant which can cause vasoconstriction, an increased heart rate and is used as a weight loss aid. In certain parts of the world, synephrine can be found in plants such as common rush (Juncus usitatus), Mullumbimby couch (Cyperus brevifolus) and the leaves of citrus trees (e.g. mandarin, orange and lemon). Synephrine has also been detected in Teff grass hay in some countries.”

According to a statement issued recently by the FEI a number of on-going positive doping cases concern samples found to have contained synephrine. Read full statement.

Citrus peel is commonly used in herbal and nutritional supplements as a flavouring so horse owners should always be aware of and research ALL the ingredients in the feed supplements they use, not just the active ingredients but all carriers and flavouring agents as well.  If in doubt request a list of ingredients from the manufacturer although by law these ingredients should be printed on the packaging.

Hilton Herbs does not use citrus peel in any form in any of its supplements or external lotions and creams.

Our range of supplements for competition horses, the Plus products, are of course independently tested free of prohibited substances, however we go the extra mile to ensure that these products are safe to use in competition.  Each individual ingredient is tested not only for FCSs (Feed Contaminant Substances) such as Caffeine, but also for HSPSs (Herbal Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances) of which Synephrine is one. Then once the ingredients are tested every product mix is tested as well to make doubly sure these supplements are safe for use.

To be sure that your feed supplement has been produced under stringent manufacturing conditions and that the manufacturer has done everything possible to reduce the risk of cross-contamination only buy supplements carrying the NASC Seal of Approval logo.