At Hilton Herbs we pride ourselves on being 'animal' people as most of us have a pet of some description!  This makes it easy for us to identify, emphasise and advise the customers who phone our Helpline.  We thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of our four-legged friends so we give you "The Eight Dogs of Christmas".

Here is Vesper who is our eighth and final Dog of Christmas...Vesper belongs to Hilary and Tony Self who are the Directors and co-founders of Hilton Herbs, a business that they have been running for over 25 years now!

Hi, my name is Vesper, Hilary and Tony’s 6-month old Dobermann puppy! I wasn’t very impressed when they tried to dress me up in this Christmas gear, but in the end, after I had conned a few treats out of them, and I sat still just long enough for them to snap this shot. I am at the ‘teenage’ stage right now so pretty ‘full on’ which can be interesting when I go into the office each day, but I am learning fast and I love all the attention. I can’t wait for Christmas ‘cos I know I will get loads of presents and nice long walks with my best friend Clemmie (a Welsh Terrier pup).  Happy Christmas everyone!