Leading animal supplement manufacturer, Hilton Herbs is delighted to announce becoming a new vendor at the Wheatbelt Show, being held on February 6th – 8th 2017 at the KCI Expo Center, Kansas City, MO with Conway Sales Associates on Booth 719.

Wheatbelt Inc have become long-established in serving the needs of farm store industry for over sixty years.  Hilton Herbs’ co-founder Hilary Self stated: “the opportunity to bring our top-selling range of equine supplements to a wider audience of retailers throughout the Mid-West will further expand our reputation as a one-stop resource of high-quality herbal feed supplements and health-care products for the variety of common ailments that affect the mobility, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems of horses and ponies and vicariously, their owners!”

Our supplements expert, Lori Tankel will be on hand to educate potential new retailers on Hilton Herbs’ wider range of pet health products exclusively developed for dogs, cats, poultry and birds, in addition to the benefits of medicinal herbs and how their active properties help support and minimize symptoms, through natural treatments as opposed to conventional pharmaceutical medicines.

More information can be found here - http://wheatbeltusa.com/