• 5th May 2016
  • Last year, we decided to treat ourselves to one of those nesting boxes that comes complete with a camera   http://www.handykam.com/

    Tony put the nesting box up on the side of the farmhouse in the Autumn so that any birds looking for a suitable nesting site could get used to it over the Winter. After Christmas we noticed that a Blue Tit had started using it to sleep in each night which was really encouraging.

    In March she stopped using the box and seemed to have lost interest, but towards the end of April we noticed she was starting to collect moss from the lawn and was using it to line the bottom of the box. It was so comical to watch her as she brought in the material and then frantically scrabbled around using her head to push the moss firmly into the corners of the box, slowly but surely building up a solid base ready to form a soft cup in which to lay her eggs.