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Herballs - The natural Horse Treat

The ultimate natural treat for all horses & ponies!

Star Rating 4  9 Reviews

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The most natural way to ‘treat’ your animals

Our tasty Herballs are completely free from molasses, artificial sugar and flavourings. This makes them suitable for : “ Easy Keepers”, Cushing’s,  Insulin Resistant, Laminitic/ Founder, or IMS horses and ponies.   

Click here to see our Physio and Stretching demonstration video.

But don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers say!

"I got these as a free sample once and my horses loved them! I didn't feel guilty about giving these to them either since they're so good for them"

"My Cushings horse loves these. I love that they're sugar-free, natural, and smell delicious”

"ALL the horses in the barn LOVE these. If I have them in my pocket they are all nickering as I walk by! They are easily carried in pockets as treats. You get a lot of them for the money. They don't crumble or fall apart as some treats do”

"These treats have quickly climbed to the top of the list for favourite treats! I have not seen my horse so enthusiastic about a treat in a long time. AND, the great part about these is that I can actually feel good about giving them to him. “ 

Remember it’s not just horses and ponies that love Herballs, our customers use them to "spoil" their dogs, llamas and even chinchillas.

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Hands down the BEST treat I've found. No sweet stuff, easy to carry in your pocket, comparatively affordable. And the horses LOVE them.
Star Rating 5
Alison Quigley
My old boy loves this treats! I am so happy that I can reward him and not worry about his Cushings and giving him sugar. These are the best!
Star Rating 5
I discovered Herballs five or six years ago when my mare was diagnosed with laminitis and Cushings. Herballs were the only thing I found that was safe to use as a treat. All my horses now prefer Herballs to apples or carrots, and my dogs love them too. Herballs smell terrific, they aren't sticky, and they are actually good for my animals.
Star Rating 5
You were extremely helpful to me before Christmas and sent out two 2kg. tubs of Herballs with amazing speed. I thought you might like to see how much my pony appreciated his Christmas present (PHOTO SENT IN). If he could have got his head in that tub, he would have devoured the whole lot. As it is, he is rationed to a few per day, much to his disappointment. Thank you again for your help Jane Bates (and Shiloe)
Star Rating 5
Carla Lord
These are wonderful - just the smell of them brings the horses and my dog to immediate attention and soft nickers begin - even I can't resist taking a deep breathin to inhale the odour. I can hardly believe that something that they obviously love the taste of and can't get enough of is good for them and won't harm even an IR horse. Thank you for creating a healthy, delicious way to reward my horses for their part in my life.
Star Rating 5
Audrey Fee
I love these treats hands down. I know that I'm not giving my horses anything bad (lots of sugar) and they LOVE them. I can pass them around to all the horses at the barn and don't feel guilty. Thank you for making a healthy treat that my mares LOVE!!!
Star Rating 5
Dianne Solembrino
I recently purchased Herballs a natural treat for my Cushings horse. treats for him are impossible to find to find in our area as none of them are marked to give a buyer the carb count of each. He loves these and I am very satisfied knowing they won't hurt him.
Star Rating 5
Mindy Finelli
I use your Herballs for all of my Iberian horses and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!!! They would prefer them over apples and carrots which is a good thing since Iberian horses tend toward Insulin Resistance. Thank you so much for coming up with this great treat.
Emma Drabble
Our little family Cob Jack, will do anything for these minty balls. His work ethic and attitude is amazing when he knows a treat will come at the end of a work out. He trots over from the field ( the others watch him trot past) and he even turns down a full haylage rack for a chance to come in and win a few of these! Thank you.
Star Rating 5

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Lucerne, Flax Seed & Wheat Flour, mixed with generous quantities of Garlic, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary

As a treat to reward good behaviour or whilst doing 'stretching' exercises. Great for horses and ponies that are bad loaders or difficult to catch. Herballs are a treat and not a complete feed. Click here for demonstration video.